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T2 Conversations #8 - warning this one is a tear jerker.

Richard stopped by this afternoon on his way back to site to tell me how he and his family have been using WorkLife Calendar since downloading it last break. Took me a moment to get the tears out of my eyes after he left. If I needed confirmation that this app could make a difference in a FIFO families life I now had it.

Richards daughter Jessie is fighting the the battle of her life against Leukemia with endless rounds of treatment and hospital visits. It has been a long battle and he has used up all his leave and needs to keep the money coming in to pay the bills so has to return to work. "I feel like my heart is left behind when I go back to work, I want to desperately be there for her and my wife, it just tears me apart".

"My wife and I downloaded WLC a few weeks ago. She now inputs all of Jessie's treatments, whats happening on what day with a reminder alarm 1 hour before the treatments are due to start and shares it with me. This alerts me in enough time to stop what I am doing and make a call home to wish the girls well and tell them that I am thinking of them." said Richard. "I can now concentrate on the job at hand, knowing that I am not missing out on anything important, and still be there (albeit by phone) for them."

Yep - took me a minute or two to get over this tear jerker of a story. If you have a story you would like to share about how WLC is helping your family stay connected email me at

#Perth #FIFO #family #worklife

(p.s. all names have been changed in this story)

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