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T2 Conversations #7 - How a Grandma keeps up with FIFO life

Marketing 101 - Define your target audience. Easy - shift and FIFO workers, that is why I am at T2 airport port. So I was not expecting an elderly lady to come up to me and ask "whats all this in made of?" pointing to my rather large purple promotional stand. She was at T2 airport heading back down to Esperance after spending time in Perth visiting her newest great-grandchild. I explained it was an app to share rosters. "Can I download it on to my iPad?" OK... a tech savy granny, wasn't expecting that either. I said yes it was available for iPad, "do you know someone who works shiftwork?" (surely not her!) Turns out she has a huge extended family with a couple of sons and grandsons working in the mines, and a couple of her granddaughters are nurses. I helped her to download the app onto her iPad and showed her how to send invites to her family to get on-board too. "oh, I am really going to enjoy seeing what they are up too, and I can ring for a good old chat when I know they are free." Marketing 201 - be prepared to pivot.

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