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T2 conversations #6 - Trying for number 2

Talking to Joe this morning and explaining that there is no limit to the number of 'rosters' you can make in WorkLife Calendar to this FIFO dad, and listed a few suggestions like his gym routine or the kids car-pool, "anything really that has routine changing days." I could see the cogs turning... then very sheepishly he asked what about the wife's 'cycle'? Here I was thinking he wanted pre-warning for 'those' days when the pendulum swings between rage and tears. But it turns out that they are 'trying for number 2' "Looks like I am going to have to book annual leave as this 2/1 roster just does not line up at the opportune time." I suggested that if leave was required he most as well do it properly and book a romantic retreat away at the same time. heehee.

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