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T2 Conversations #5 - Perth based Desk Jockey sees the light.

As I was handing out the brochures to those lining up to board their flight to site, a guy politely declined and said that he works the normal Mon-Fri in the Perth office with only occasional site visits so therefore had no need for a roster app. The queue had come to a grinding halt so I asked what kind of roster does the site bound person he corresponds with work. "I have to look after 6 sites and the guys all work different rosters" "Oh" I innocently say, "so you have no problem knowing who is on site and what shift they are on, so you can time your calls or emails accordingly" "No it can be a total nightmare at times trying to get stuff done or questions answered. Sometimes I end up waiting weeks as I don't know if they are on R&R, Annual Leave or just avoiding me." A slow smile crept upon my face as I suggested that if those on site shared their roster, he could use the compare function on WorkLife Calendar to see who was at work before making that call. We are all familiar with the saying 'a light bulb just came on' but to actually see it happen before my eyes was priceless. As the queue moved on I could see that he was fanatically downloading the app before running out of free airport WiFi range.

(When I worked on site my role interacted heavily with the Perth corporate office and yes I can put my hand up and say I did do my fair share of avoiding their calls or emails at times, because they had no clue what shift I worked. heehee)

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