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T2 Conversations #4 Time to party!

Tim works a 4/3 roster and Bree a 8/6 roster both FIFO on different sites. Hardly a good combination to carry out a romance let alone attend all the cool concerts hitting Perth at present. This was Tim's problem when he spoke to me today to see how WorkLife Calendar could help with the logistics of romance+concerts. As well as sharing & comparing their rosters with each other, they are also going to add both rosters to their own app so they can see every day where the other one is on their swing. As for the concerts, Tim thought it was great that he could see so far in advance, "awesome to be able to see next year without having to painstakingly enter your roster one day at a time like other apps!" Using WorkLife Calendar Tim was able to quickly see that he was off April 8th when TwentyOne Pilots come to Perth. "Bree will have to book Annual Leave unfortunately, but we now have heaps of warning instead of leaving it to the last minute."

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