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T2 Conversations #3 - Ice Hockey & FIFO

I haven't seen many partners and kiddies at T2 seeing their dads/mums off to work so it was great to get to talk to this family and hear how they are going to use WorkLife Calendar. The boys 9 and 5 yrs old are super excited to be playing ice hockey which was dads sport when he was a kid too. Mum not so excited as it takes up 4 days a week in practice plus games. It was dads second swing away working FIFO after relocation to Perth from a remote residential mining role, so a huge change for everyone. So staying connected is a big thing for this family. When they found out they could down load WorkLife Calendar onto their iPads the boys wanted to have dads roster right there on their iPad so they could look to see if he was going to be home for their next big game when every they wanted (and not pester mum every 5 mins - her words lol). Mum suggested they could add their training schedule and game dates too and share with dad. Talk about getting organised young! So cool seeing the kids taking the lead in staying connected with the FIFO dad.

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