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Shift work - More common than what you may think.

Do you work a regular predicable Monday to Friday gig or a job that consists of shift work, variable hours, additional days, a second or even a third job?

Data obtained from the Australian Bureau of Statistics – Working Time Arrangements Nov 2012 indicates that work schedules other than the traditional norm are more prevalent than what you may expect. Out of the 10.1 million employees 37% had hours that varied weekly, required to be on call or standby. 16% usually worked shift and a whopping 3 million employees worked a mixture of weekdays and weekend days.

Does this sound like you or someone you know? Working shift work or a schedule other than the typical Mon-Fri often means you may be out of sync with the daily activities of your family and friends.

WorkLife Calendar has been developed with this problem in mind. Being able to share your roster as well as view the work routines of your friends and family members will hopefully allow you to better coordinate leisure time to maximize social contact.

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