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About the logo - The elephant represents the 'big' thing in your life ‘WORK’ that needs to be balanced with ‘LIFE’ (the ball) to be happy, productive and fulfilled. Elephants are also well known for their tremendous memory, never forgetting (the calendar and appointment function). They are also social animals, all about family and community (the ability to share roster and appointments). The Logo was designed by a local Perth father and son graphic design team Out of the Box Design Studio.

Who is behind WorkLife Calendar?

Maryse Jensen

Managing Director of

Opanna Enterprises Pty Ltd

and Founder of WorkLife Calendar

WorkLife Calendar Terms & Conditions

Maryse gained extensive experience in the Hospitality Industry as a Chef and Restaurant owner in New Zealand prior to migrating to Australia in 1998 to join her partner driving a Dump Trucks on a Pilbara Gold Mine in Western Australia. 


Maryse lived the mining lifestyle for the next 15 years, spending time in a remote Pilbara Town as well as working a Perth based Fly In Fly Out (FIFO) roster prior to her role being made redundent in the March 2015 Mining Industry downturn. 


From personal experience of living and working a shift based work life for more than 25 years, she has had plenty of experience working long, and often antisocial, isolating work rosters that leave you disconnected from family and friends. 


It is from this experience and suddenly finding herself with time on her hands that she decided to finally look into her idea of an App that she had been toying with for over 4 years. 


WorkLife Calendar evolved from her own personal need of wanting to stay connected with family and friends. 



WorkLife Calendar Media Kit

WorkLife Calendar Privacy Policy
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