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Share, Compare & Connect. Create Work-Life balance.



Quickly and easily enter any roster combination. Create as many rosters as you want. The roster can be Cyclic or Adhoc by nature. Work or your kids sport? - no limits! 


Set start/finish & alarms for the whole shift or individual days!


Then SHARE your roster with only the family and friends you want to. The rest of your calendar and entries stay PRIVATE!


Enter appointments in a snap. Add alarms if required, set repeats, and then SHARE with only those who need to know. 


If they don't have WorkLife Calendar yet, send them an invite to download the App via SMS or email. 


We take your privacy seriously! Others only see what you allow them to, while the rest of your information stays private.

Compare your roster side by side with the rosters of your friends in order to help you both find some mutual days off, or even just see if you can each slip in some free time to meet for a (hard earned) coffee. 


WorkLife Calendar even allows you to download your roster as a pdf so you can print it out and stick it on the fridge for the kids to see. 



The home screen displays your calendar for the week, and you can quickly switch between day, week or month view.


Simply and easily edit or share your rosters and appointments while in day or week view, with just a press of the finger.


In month view, tap on the date you're interested in and WorkLife Calendar will take you straight to the day or week view for that date.   



WorkLife Calendar will help you find community EVENTS in your area (filtering by date and location) to help make days off more exciting.


Want to attend an event? It will be automatically  added into your calendar. Send invites to events to your friends!


Do you manage gigs for your band, the local farmers' market, run education courses or sports events, etc.? Advertise these events and more to reach other users and help grow your events!

So what are you waiting for?


Download WorkLife Calendartoday, and you can log in with your email address, Facebook or LinkedIn. 



All this functionality is wrapped up in a clean, vibrant, easy to use interface. 


The menu allows you to easily navigate through the app to where you need to go. 


FAQ - frequently asked questions - will take you directly to this web site to help you get the most out of your WorkLife Calendar. 


Invite friends and family to download this App via SMS or email directly from the main menu.

Create your WorkLife balance!

Create a killer profile, get your busy work schedule under control, connect with family and friends and live life!

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